About us

Geobusiness & Project Group (GEOBPRO Group) is an advice group that brings different disciplines together, to accomplish any site investigation, city development projects or business.

We are also able to afford investigations towards resilience cities and/or for the mitigation of natural hazards.

The skill in project management and our add-value dealing with geoinformation technology (mapping in 2D, 3D and 4D) makes this consultancy bureau the right partner for all your developments and projects.

Our main approach is "systems thinking", therefore in all our feasibility studies, site investigations, (re)-construction stadium and cities maintenance evaluations, we consider a risk management as well.

One of the members of this consultancy bureau made a remarkable contribution to the development of 3D-methodologies for the development of cities with the project Rotter3Dam, considered as best practice at national level in The Netherlands.


GEOBPRO group founded by:

F. M. Freyre is a Geotechnical and GIS adviser (former geologist/petrographer). He has more than 35 years of work-experience, working in the field as adviser at national, regional and municipal level. He has being carrying out site investigations for the construction of large section tunnels (advanced and support), the layouts of pipe lines, the construction of dams, roads and for the development of industrial, residential and touristic zones, in the last case using the concept working with the nature (https://nl.linkedin.com/in/f-m-freyre-h-57a95123).


At the moment F. M. Freyre H. work as geotechnical advisor and GIS advisor for the Public Work of Rotterdam and at the same time he run his own consultancy bureau, focused on urban and industrial planning, climatic change and business development.


GEOBPRO Group is a partner of "Energy for them".