Technical related

Geotechnical advice for city development in general.

 - Geotechnical advice for the construction of sewerage network, electrical and communication networks, as well as   pipe lines (gas and oil).

- Site investigation for the construction of tunnels and underground facilities, roads, railroads, dams, industrial, social and touristic zones.

- Site investigation for the construction of airport, port and light marine facilities.

- Feasibility report for the development of industrial and touristic zones.

- Project management for construction.

- Risk management.

- Slope instability of soil and rock mass.

- Determination of the quality of construction material (including petrological and mineralogical studies).

- Recovery of historical building heritage.

- Geological mapping for all kind of purposes.


GIS & Data Management related

- Geographical Information System applied to city development.

- Spatial Data Infrastructure development

- Database development

- GIS management and contingency plan (risk management of GIS projects)

- 3D modelling in order to support the decision making process and the communication process.


Educational related

- Education for the Development

. We offer tailored GIS courses (teaching capacities at university level).


Business related

- Due diligence for business investment.

- Business development (export and import).

- From analog to digital.

. We are able to convert your analog maps to digital and georeference it.

. We convert your all around analog information to digital (.pdf).